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Donw’s Town Project
Pre Donw’s Town Project

Membership and Donations

We are looking for people who would like to become a member to support us for our project ”Down’sTown Project” and ”Pre Down’s Tonw”. If you would like to share the vision with us, please joint us.

Downs Town Project

This is a project which is in collaboration with Institute for Art Anthropology of Tama Art university. We wish to creat an art village, Down’s Town, a place where most of the residents have Down’s syndrome. Dotted with atelier and homes of their own design, the community is centered round the Down’s Museum and its permanent display of art. A café and restaurant is staffed by waiters and waitresses with Down’s syndrome where businessmen and office workers drop by for an interlude of relaxation and rejuvenation.
Anyone experiencing “Down’s culture” is certain take away something good from the experience. Down’s Town brings together people with Down’s syndrome from all over the world with people of all sorts to create cultural harmony of an altogether new kind.

Pre Downs Town

This is a model case of Downs Town Projec which we started since August 2008 at Atelier of Tokyo. We wish to creat a place where each artist can work at his own rythme and by having a time with them by creating or working, we wish to know them deeper and deeper. We also try to disseminate society through their art works, so that we can communicate their rich senseibility to people. We will be grateful to receive your warm support to be able to continue this project.

Donation for Pre Downs Town

●Supporting member

Donation of 10,000yen per year as a membership fee to support us in a long term.

For the membership, we send you a thankyou card, news letter and invitation for our exhibitions.

●Donation support

We do not have any determined fee as a share. You are free to decide your share to support us.

For the membership, we send you a thankyou card, news letter and invitation for our exhibitions.

■Bank details.
Bank: Yucho GInko
Account Name(Kanji): Pre Downs Town Katsudou Shien Kikinプレ・ダウンズタウン活動支援基金
Account Name (Kana):Pre Downs Town Katsudou Shien Kikinプレ ダウンズタウンカツドウシエンキキン
Account Number     :00140-1-585615
Branch of Bank  :Setagaya ku Sakura Jyousui 世田谷区桜上水

To transfer from another bank, please specify the information below:
Branch number: 019 Deposite: Checking Account 
Account Number:0585615